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June 4, 2010
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It is really quite simple, Mr. Hare. Your role will be easy. You needn't worry yourself with all the niggly little details of brewing the formula. I can manage that part on my own. All you have to do is keep the lab tidy, assist in capture and restraint of subjects, and help me to prepare them for administration of the drug.

Oh, it is quite easy. I can give you the basic run-down right now, or I can write out a little instruction manual if that would be more convenient.  

Oh, I see. Well, that is good to hear. Nothing more valuable than a sharp memory. In fact, I think that should become especially clear when you have the chance to observe your first subject. It can be quite amusing to watch them come out of it, all confused and whatnot.

All right then, in that case I shall start out with the treatment room. See how it is nice and small it is? Very easy to maintain. The chair is modeled after the lovely designs used to restrain violent patients in mental institutions. There shouldn't be any problems, but I will be having you sedate the subjects before you strap them in. Tabula Rasa has a stimulatory effect, so I do not need to reverse the sedative when it is time to release them.

When the subject is ready you will draw up the formula from this mini refrigerator. The dosage is 0.017ml to every pound of body weight. Hmm, I suppose you can just round that up to 0.02ml. Heh, a little over won't hurt anyone. Most of the people I've overdosed didn't die of it. They certainly come out better than they did with the first generation of Tabula Rasa. Such damaged brains, truly was a kindness to put them out of their misery. Oh well, don't worry about that bit, I'll leave a note with the bottles when it is time to restock again.

I can handle the injection. You will need to restrain the subject and hold off the vein for me. This drug must be given IV. Any perivascular leakage is extremely painful and could lead to tissue sloughing. Our clients will thank us to not sell them a defective product, yes?

Good. After the injection we will leave the subject alone in the room for ten minutes. Just place this rolled up towel over the crack in the door. The light won't hurt, but any kind of outside stimulation will make the transition rougher. It should be sealed up as tightly as a darkroom, and there is to be absolutely no loud noise in any part of the lab.

The ideal mindwipe is a beautiful process. It is as if I am some sort of divine entity, reaching into a person's head and plucking out that clay ball that life has shaped into a personality, smoothing it out anew, and setting it back in place for my clients to mold to their own liking.

I theorize that the subject experiences a bit of a haze throughout the experience, while passing through three distinct stages. In the first two they feel their memories slipping away and a void being created in that part of the mind. You will often hear quite a bit of noise in the first few minutes. It seems to be rather painful, but of course they will not remember it once they enter stage three.

This is where it is especially important for the sensory deprivation to come into play. All the experiments I have run with subjects in normal environmental conditions resulted in a rapid onset of hysteria. The mind must be given a few minutes to adjust to its new blank setting before trying to process too many new things.

Another important thing is that the client be the first person that the subject encounters. I always send him in to release the subject from restraint. You've heard of imprinting, yes? Good. Well, this works in much the same way.

A mindwiped person is like a delicate little child. They have no identity or sense of what to expect in the wide world beyond the womb-like darkness of their surroundings. They need someone to come set them free, to guide and teach them. I instruct the clients to feed them a story about their rescue. It allows the client to assume a sort of parental role. They seem to like that. It makes them bond to their new master. Then all sorts of nasty things can happen to them, but it's all right because Daddy knows best, heh.

Well, there you have it. Any questions?

No, you may not use the mini refrigerator to store beer. Good heavens, how could you possibly think that drinking on a job like this is a good idea? I'm not paying for shoddy work here. Some of these people are going to be very dangerous. You'll need all your wits about you.

Come to think of it, I better show you where all the "special" restraining devices are kept. I have catch-poles and muzzles and tranquilizer guns. You've seen what Daniel can do, yes? He's nothing. Most of the dog-men's canine forms are quite a bit bigger than his. If you're not careful they're fully capable of tearing your arm off. I don't get them in all that often, but when I do it's a very exciting experience. Pity they're too rare to build up the whole business around. There's good money in selling shapeshifters.
For :iconyouasthenarrator: Biweekly object prompt: Instruction manual
Character- Dr. Fredrick Jameson, The Slave Dealer [link] from my fantasy/sci-fi/horror series Tabula Rasa [link]

The doctor must introduce a new henchman to the laboratory and explain how the brainwashing drug Tabula Rasa is used.

Help yourself to more of my creepiness. :lol: I still donít know why I love this guy so much, but I always have a lot of fun writing him in first person. I rarely use it with the rest of my characters.

I wish I could have kept Mr. Hare around a bit longer in Tabula Rasa. He was my favorite minor character (with Mr. Lupinacci being a close second).

Hmm, I guess this isnít exactly an object since it is verbal instructions. Iíll just say that Dr. Jameson didnít trust Hareís memory and wrote it all out for him anyway. :lol:

The way I imagined this, it is as if you are listening in on one side of a telephone conversation. I kind of liked writing this way and might try some more later, but do you think it is too confusing or distracting?

Edits 6/22/10- smoothed out using suggestions posted.
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Leonca Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
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Kitri-du-Lac Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
This interesting piece offers an unusual perspective of one side of a conversation. This forces the reader to interact with the narrator, contemplating the missing half. The gruesome nature of the piece is thus intensified, making it a chilling read.

I have decided to suggest this to *DailyLitDeviations. If chosen your piece will feature in one of their daily newsletters. Good luck!

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Leonca Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. =)
Yeah, I need to get in the habit of suggesting more things. :XD:
beautyinreview Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
The conversation format is excellent, I think it adds a bit to the creepiness factor because we aren't 100% privy to everything that is going on.

I REALLY enjoyed this.
Leonca Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. =D
zoray Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Writer
I hadn't heard of the series before, but you just got me interested in it.
Very horrible stuff (the concept I mean).
I love the way you bring out the character in your narrative.
Nice work!:)
Leonca Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. It is my longest writing project to date, celebrating its first year of creation this month. =D
zoray Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Student Writer
your welcome!
congrats on the first year :)
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